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Osteopaths Treat Way More Than You Think

If you don't get your condition properly diagnosed, it's impossible to give correct treatment. Like all Osteopaths, we take extra time to consider multiple factors that may be contributing to your pain and symptoms, giving you a three step treatment process:

Accurate Diagnosis

Osteopaths spend a long time (5+) years at university to make sure we have the grounds to being called a "Primary healthcare practitioner". This means we're exposed to a LOT of different possible causes of various pain causes, and sometimes these are not what you'd think.

Targeted Treatment

Everyone is different. There is no treatment "recipe" here, and never will be. Every individual is unique, and this requires an accurate diagnosis. Rather than "Zero In" on where it hurts (hey - that's easy), we take the time to figure out WHY it's hurting there, and go about balancing your structure to help your body fix itself.

Correct Prevention

Part of every successful treatment outcome is you helping yourself, however - without steps 1 & 2 being accurate - this last step may not work. That's why we take time to make sure we can help you solve your pain and treatment goals - so that accurate prevention steps can be taken.

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